Electronic Projects
  • ASCII Video Terminal
  • Micromite Microcontroller
  • GPS Controlled Clock
  • GPS Tracker
  • Colour Maximite Computer
  • The Original Maximite
  • The mini Maximite
  • Intelligent Fan Controller
  • GPS Synchronised Clock
  • GPS Boat Computer
  • GPS Car Computer
  • Making the GPS Computer
  • Energy Meter Firmware
  • ISM Band Scanner
  • Utility Power Supply
  • Precise Voltage Reference
  • Game of Pong
  • Water Level Meter

  • General Articles
  • Problems in Open Source
  • The Maximite Story
  • Programming PIC Micros
  • MMBasic on the UBW32
  • The TFT Maximite
  • Surface Mount is Easy
  • Measuring Capacitor ESR
  • EM-408 GPS Module
  • SG12232A LCD Driver
  • Custom PC Boards
  • The Gerber Format

  • Reviews
  • Hantek DSO-2250 Scope
  • Rigol DS1000 Scope
  • PIC C Compilers
  • Brickbats

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  • Weather Station
  • Mazing

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    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Australia (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

    Geoff Graham’s Projects


    Over time I have designed a number of electronic devices and written a lot of software for microcontrollers and the Windows and UNIX/Linux platforms. Many of these projects have been just for the fun of coming to grips with new technology and I have built this website to publish these for hobbyists and like minded individuals.

    You might find that some of my projects are useful, others decidedly experimental, and still others rather specialised because they simply fixed a particular problem that I had at the time. This web site brings together all these projects in the one place.

    Please email me at if you have any comments or questions.

    On the left hand side of every page is the list of projects and articles that I have written and you are invited to browse through them or pick from the list below.

    New     Changed    
    5 Feb 2015   Programming PIC Microcontrollers 2 Dec 2014   The Micromite Microcontroller
    20 June 2014 ASCII Video Terminal 21 May 2014   Brickbats
    23 April 2014   GPS Controlled Clock 18 Nov 2013   EM-408 GPS Module
    20 April 2014   The Micromite Microcontroller 8 Nov 2013   GPS Tracker
    1 Nov 2013   GPS Tracker 4 Nov 2013   TFT Maximite Computer
    30 Sept 2013   TFT Maximite Computer 4 Nov 2013   Colour Maximite Computer

    I am a great fan of open source, so most designs include the source code, PCB layouts and other design files. They are free for you to use and modify under the following open licences.